Week 4

The struggle is real…

Yet, I am really starting to see a change. Change is difficult even when the intended outcome is positive. Not to sound too cliche, but old habits really do die hard. I know things are shifting because I am struggling with my subconscious resistance on a daily basis. Before, I would not have even realized what was even happening. I would sense that I was conflicted but would not be able to get to the root cause. Here’s an analogy as an example: I should not eat gluten. But before knowing that I am gluten intolerant I ate a lot of it! I love bread, I love pasta, I love cake and cookies and pizza and pancakes… I could go on… and on. I would be sick at my stomach, but not knowing what was really causing my discomfort I would continue to eat those things. Why? Because I love them. They are comfort food. Now that I know the consequences of eating gluten, it is much easier for me to make the good choice. I still cheat and have a slice of pizza now and again, but I realize it is my old blueprint kicking in trying to override my new habits. So yes, I still have relapses, but it’s a conscious choice now. I know what the consequences are and I can decide if it’s worth it… or not.

I’m trying to consciously think about everything I do, daily routines, work, hobbies and try to identify how the thoughts make me feel and how they are related to the actions that I take. I now recognize the old blueprint resistances and have some new tools to push back. The conscious mind needs to present the subconscious with new and improved demands repeatedly, through repetition,  until they are interpreted. My ability to use this form of auto suggestion requires a tremendous amount of concentration on the desired outcome until that desire becomes a burning obsession! My concentrations and focus is improving with the sits and the daily reading habits, and this blog is helping me to translate what I am learning into my own experience. Yay… I can see how all the pieces are fitting together. Mark J is a genius!



Week 3

Feeling behind this week…

I think I need more work on my PPNs.  I had a hard time even deciding what they were. My guide rejected my DMP because I didn’t include them. The webinar this week really  helped me better understand how to write my DMP. I really need to stay focused on this. I understand the best way to re-program subby is to keep things in the present tense, established dates, stay completely positive, craft my words, use strong emotion, attach those emotions to my thoughts, and imagine what I desire as if I already have them/and am already successful. I’m learning a lot. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take this course.

So now it’s time to resubmit my DMP and catch up on my chores.  Looking forward to week 4!

Week Two

So, I had a little trouble with technology this week.  That makes me frustrated. I was also really pressed for time and that makes me anxious. Then I realized that those are my old thoughts, my resistance pushing back at me. So I kept thinking about week one. If we truly are what we think and what we think becomes our habits then I’ve got a lot of work to do reprogramming my subconscious habits.

Scroll 1 talks about habits.  The habits we know about our easy to identify.  Some we know are bad and some habits we know are good. But it’s the habits that we don’t even realize that we have, that affect the habits that we know we have and that creates the struggle within.

Setting a new habit is hard enough.  But breaking a long-standing bad habit so that it can be replaced with a new habit is so much harder. Because my thoughts become actions.  When I tried to sit still this week and quiet my thoughts I realized how difficult it is to keep the negative thoughts and fears from creeping in. So if my thoughts become my actions and my actions become habits, then I need to be much more intentional about what I think.

Master Key Experience Week 1

So excited to get started!

It seems like there is so much to do, how will I fit this all into my already overwhelmed life? I have tried so many “self help” books and programs but none of them have ever gotten to the “core” of the problem. But isn’t that where the problem actually lies. From what I have experienced so far, this is the “Master Key” (pun intended), to not let your subconscious rule your desire. I know in my mind that this is so valuable and important that I will resist my subconscious mind and NOT quit. I coach people all the time to set goals and to practice to develop new routines. Whether it’s financial planning or training horses (those are my day jobs) creating new habits are key. I can do everything that I want to do. There may be some sacrifices but I WILL prioritize and I will get this done because I know how important it is.

My favorite concept this week is:

Possession = Consciousness
Gain is the result of accumulative consciousness
Loss is the result of scattered consciousness